S50 Black Leather Jacket Single


This beautiful genuine leather strap has slightly shiny black color. The strap has a nice smooth surface which provides a natural look. The strap has apadded piece with 5 pads and is stitched on four sides with black thread. The strap has a slight padding and slightly tapered. The strap is 22 mm wide and has a wearable length of 170 to 220 mm. The strap is fitted with one fixed loop and one adjustable loop. We offer this strap with a Stainless steel buckle.

All straps come with easy spring bars. Change your strap easily, this takes no more then 30 secondes.

 - smooth surface, natural shine finish
 - black stitching
 - cut-edge band
 - lug width 22 mm
 - thickness of band approximately 3 mm
 - width of buckle 27 mm
 - piece with holes 120 mm, piece with buckle 80 mm
 - eight rectangual holes
 - solid buckle made of stainless steel