About us


Aeromeister Amsterdam is a watch brand founded by Rutger Post based in the Netherlands. Aeromeister watches are more than an accessory or a device that measures time: it’s who you are. Designed for those who value the small things in life that have life-changing effects. Intended for brave men who respect and appreciate handmade craftsmanship. It’s the details that matter.

Aeromeister provides time. Time for your daily activities, time to spend with your loved ones, time for special occasions. It assures you there’s still plenty of time, warns you when you’ve almost run out of it. Our watches are designed and crafted with a passion for the smallest details. By working with the best materials and partners we created a bold brand that fits the wrist of those who dare to choose.

Aeromeister Amsterdam development - Drawing
Aeromeister Amsterdam development - Constructing
Aeromeister Amsterdam development - Qulity Control


Aeromeister, the brand that sells watches by my design. I hope Aeromeister will be an inspiration for people to make life changing choices and if, as a result, these people inspire their loved ones to follow their hearts too – that, for me, would be the ultimate goal of my existence.

Life is a matter of choices. And time will tell you when to make them. But only when the time is right. And that’s where Aeromeister comes in. Aeromeister: dare to choose.

Rutger Post
Founder and CEO

Aeromeister Amsterdam founder and CEO - Rutger Post