S45 Ammobelt keyhole Vintage jacket black


This beautiful genuine leather strap has slightly shiny black color. The strap has a nice smooth surface which provides a natural look. The strap has an ammo belt keyhole and is stitched on four sides with black thread. The strap has no padding and has a straight form. The strap is 22 mm wide and has a wearable length of 170 to 220 mm. The strap is fitted with one fixed loop and one adjustable loop. You can choose your desired buckle color, either Stainless steel or Black IP plated, which suits your choosen watch best.

All straps come with easy spring bars. Change your strap easily, this takes no more then 30 secondes.

 - smooth surface, natural shine finish
 - black stitching
 - cut-edge band
 - lug width 22 mm
 - thickness of band approximately 3 mm
 - width of buckle 29 mm
 - piece with holes 120 mm, piece with buckle 80 mm
 - eight oval holes
 - solid buckle made of stainless steel