Frequently asked questions

Do you ship overseas?
Yes we can ship to any country in the world.

How long will it take to get my order?
Depends on the country you reside in. The shipping origin is the Netherlands, so within the EU is 1 - 4 days. Outside the EU can take up to a week.

What shipping carriers do you use?
Within the EU we use the shipping partners from our Dutch Postal service, but we can also ship with e.g. DPD or DHL.

What if my package doesn't arrive on time?
You can always contact us for support if your package gets delayed.

Can I return my watch or strap?
Yes you can return your bought item within 30 days starting from the day you received the package. Of course the item needs to be unworn and undamaged.

What's the warranty on my watch?
You have a two year brand warranty. But in case of a defect in your watch outside this period, we are also glad to assist you in any way.

Where can I find the manual for my watch?
The manual comes with your watch in de box. In case you have lost your manual we can always e-mail you a digital one.

I need to get my watch repaired, what to do?
Contact our customer support for assistance, we are always happy to help you in any way if your watch encounters a problem.

How do I keep my watch in top-condition?
Wear your watch on a regular bases to keep the movement going. Stay away from heat, dust or bi temperature variations. Clean with a minimum of non-chemical or abrasive soap and water.

Can I get my watch personalized?
Yes we can have your watch engraved by use of laser technology. Contact our customer support with your wishes and we can make a price offer.

Is my watch water resistant?
Yes your watch has a waterresistance of 10 ATM. So you can swim or take a shower, but not suitable for snorkeling or diving. Note: leather straps can degrade faster when they get wet on a regular bases.

What kind of crystal comes with my Aeromeister Craftman watch?
Front and back are Swiss Made sapphire crystal.

What's kind of movement does my Aeromeister Craftman watch have?
Your watch has an automatic movement by Miyota which charges on the movement of your wrist.