Our ambassadors

Aeromeister is more than an accessory or a device that measures time: it’s who you are. Designed for those who value the small things in life that have life-changing effects. Intended for brave men who respect and appreciate handmade craftsmanship. It’s the details that matter. Aeromeister provides time. Time for your daily activities, time to spend with your loved ones, time for special occasions. It assures you there’s still plenty of time, warns you when you’ve almost run out of it. Aeromeister: a friend on a wristband.


Arjan Van Den Boom

"Choose your ride, be yourself, take your time"

If mankind has ever invented a machine embodying freedom, individuality, courage and wanderlust, it must be the motorcycle. Stepping on a bike is like taking charge of your life. More than ‘going somewhere,’ biking is ‘being someone.’ Being that special person that stands out from the crowd. But why not taking it one step further? Riding a machine that was reimagined, rebuilt and modified to your own liking? Tearing down the machine and rebuilding it to something bigger, something bolder – your own two-wheel custom made machine dream. And kindred spirits riding those dreams will always make my heart skip a beat. Let’s call it love.

Aeromeister Ambassador Arjan van den Boom Ironwood Motorcycles
Aeromeister Ambassador Jan den Hartong Duke & Sons Leather

Jan den Hartogh

"It's all about creating something timeless"

Can you smell it? Can you feel it? There’s no material so sensual, almost erotic, as leather. That’s why I love working with it. Shaping the unshaped, colouring the colourless, sewing the unattached, creating something out of nothing.
Inspired by real craftsmen I’ve learnt the trade by doing it. Being a fan of companies that have stuck to their origins and cherish the quality of vintage goods and brands I decided to model my workshop after them. Environmentally aware I mostly work with vegetan leather. Duke & Sons are proud to be part of the Aeromeister family. Timeless leather straps holding timeless watches.


Kirk Panda

"One second can change a fifteen-round fight,
so get your seconds right"

Boxing is a game of choices. Advance or retreat. Jab or hook. Block or clinch. Choices you have to make in a split second: if you’re too late you’ll be on the floor. In that respect boxing is a micro representation of life itself. Life is nothing but a string of choices. Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made before. You want a different life? Make a different choice.

Aeromeister Ambassador Kirk Panda - Boxer
Aeromeister Ambassador Nino Wallaart - Freerunner

Nino Wallaart

"Running is like a real-time metaphor of life"

The essence of free running is that obstacles aren’t considered obstacles. It’s the obstacle that sparks creativity. Blocked by a wall? Think of a way to gracefully climb it. Stopped by a 8-feet gap? Create a jump that makes you soar over it. Don’t think in terms of bad luck, adversity, failure or disaster. Welcome them, embrace them and use them as a spring-board to success.


Jord Fortmann

"Timing has everything to do with how you read the wave"

There’s nothing like riding the crest of a wave. It’s a metaphor for being on top of things, of living life to the full. Surfing is a way to connect with nature, to experience pleasure. It’s a workout, a lifelong growth of that special kind of intuition perfecting the balance between body, water and board. The board that took me to the shores of Holland, France and Morocco. The board that facilitated making new friends. Friends to exchange skills with, to open your heart to, to hit the waves with. No, there’s nothing like riding the crest of a wave.

Aeromeister Ambassador Jord Fortmann - Surfer