Craftman Meister

A full automatic ultra limited edition (200 pieces) watch. It’s all about the details.

Aeromeister Craftman Meister

"The most exclusive Aeromeister watch."

  • Ultra limited edition (200 pcs)
  • Special finish
  • High end automatic movement
Aeromeister Craftman Meister


Our full automatic limited edition (500 pieces) series of Aeromeister. Design meets craftmanship.

Aeromeister Craftman Meister

"High quality full
automatic watch."

  • Limited edition (500 pcs)
  • High end automatic movement
  • High quality components

About Aeromeister Craftman watches

All our Aeromeister Craftman watches share the same heart regarding their movement. A high end automatic movement made of all metal components, fabricated at the highest level of craftmanship. The watch heads come in a variety of different colorschemes for you to choose your favorite style. You can personalize your watch further with our wide selection of watchstraps. We have made a pre-selection for you to choose from but if you want a different strap we have more available in our strap collection.